Dr. Reiss has been a practicing psychiatrist for over 30 years, specializing in “front-line” adult psychiatry. He has evaluated and treated over 15,000 persons of diverse social and cultural backgrounds, from every occupational field. His wide clinical experience includes being licensed in CA, NY, PA, CT, MA, RI, and VT, with offices throughout Southern and Central California.  Dr. Reiss is a California Qualified Medical Examiner.

In addition to private outpatient practice, over recent years, Dr. Reiss has been associated with multiple hospitals, including having served as Interim Medical Director of Providence Hospital (Holyoke, MA), a 126-bed psychiatric facility and as attending psychiatrist at The Brattleboro Retreat (VT), Cambridge Hospital (MA), Melrose-Wakefield Hospital (MA), Salem Hospital (MA) and the Manhattan Psychiatric Center (NY).

 Dr. Reiss has been recognized internationally for expertise in character and personality dynamics. Dr. Reiss has authored articles published in academic journals and newsletters and he has authored multiple articles and book chapters published in the lay press. Dr. Reiss often interviewed and quoted in the print, Internet and radio/TV media, nationally and internationally, to help the public understand the psychological aspects of current events. He is an authority on issues regarding social and political phenomena, medical and mental health treatment, PTSD, violence in society, and the functioning of the current medical and mental health systems. Dr. Reiss has been active with the professional athletic community, regarding stress, depression and post-concussion psychiatric issues (Dr. Reiss is a member of the Sports Lawyers Association).

 Dr. Reiss graduated from Northwestern University Medical School and completed psychiatric internship at Ohio State University Hospital, followed by psychiatric residency at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Reiss has a background in engineering and systems theory, including having graduated from The Bronx High School of Science and having an undergraduate degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (with a minor in Philosophy) from Northwestern University.C